American Escapes Aerosports
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Our Balloon

Meet Maverick! 

Maverick is a 2011 105,000 cubic foot Lindstrand hot air balloon. 
It can carry 5 adult passengers, in addition to the pilot.  

It carries the Mardi Gras colors and paints a dynamic view from below.

Meet La. Sunrise!

Gumball is the largest balloon in Louisiana!  It is 140,000 cubic feet and is used mainly for tethered rides.  Gumball can hold 9 people on a tethered ride at once. 


WWJD is a 120k cubic feet and it flies and tethers year round, with Pat as the pilot.

This is the LSUS mascot balloon, named "Pilot".  It appears at the balloon festival and other festivities on the LSUS campus.

Singularity is an Aurora 54k, making it faster and more agile for competitive flying.

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